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A London Boy´s Tour.... Great Book!!!!

Für alle Hardcore Fans!  :D  Und alle die mal vorhaben nach London zu reisen und auf David´s spuren wandeln wollen.  :-)  Eine gigantische Ansammlung von wichtigen Adressen und teilweise seltenen Bildern. Ich habe mir das Buch letztens gekauft und fand es prima, also dachte ich mir ich lasse euch auch davon wissen und poste mal den Link (zumindest versuche ich es)  :-D 

Info zu Guter letzt: Alle Einnahmen kommen einem guten Zweck zugute, Save the children.

Hier gibt es also noch weitere infos: http://hometown.aol.couk/glamorakmyhomepage/aboutme.html

MARiON or MarcBowie  8)

Re: A London Boy´s Tour.... Great Book!!!!

Antwort #1
poste mal den Link

Funktioniert irgendwie nich.

* beate *

2. Versuch....

Antwort #2
Sorry, beim test hat´s funktioniert...  :?  :(  :cry: 

Ok, ich versuchs jetzt nochmal anders. Ich poste den link nochmal und schreibe zur Sicherheit auch noch das wichtigste ab:


" A London Boy´s Tour - A book about David Bowie

Available now!

A sideways look at the life and times of David Bowie through locations in london and Kent assiciated with him.

For your Delight and Delectation

"A London Boy´s Tour"

A Book about Locations in London and Kent associated with David Bowie
By Liz Racz

This Book is the first comprehensive guide to Bowie´s homes, schools, recording studios, venues, video locations and much more, covering his birth right up to date and icluding, for the first time, the location of Bowie´s flat in Maida Vale plus many more hard to find places.

The book contains 60 pages of text full postal adresses and nearest stations, many rare b&w photos of the places listed over 22 pages PLUS a full colour, professionally shot front cover photo.

It also includes walking guides to sites in both Central London and Kent.

If you are coming to London, are a Bowie Fan or are just plain curious this book is a must.

All profits from the book will go to save the children, one of bowie´s pet charities.

How to pay

Buy this book now for the price of:

UK purchasers Pound 15.00

Eurozone countries 24 Euros

USA $30.00

-including postage packing and all relevant fees.

To pay by UK cheque please e-mail for details.

To pay by Paypal pay to liz@teenagewildlife.com

For all other countries please ask as withdrawal fees for Paypal differ from country to country.

Or send cash (at buyer´s risk). Please e-mail for details.

For more information

If you have any queries please e-mail:


:D  So geschafft....  :-)  Hoffe es interessiert euch.  :-)

MARiON  :-)  or MarcBowie

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