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Thema: Chicago Set-List 14.01.2003 (746-mal gelesen) Vorheriges Thema - Nächstes Thema
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Chicago Set-List 14.01.2003

Vom B-Net, also keine Garantie auf Vollständigkeit  :-D

01 Rebel Rebel
02 New Killer Star
03 Afraid
04 Hang On To Yourself
05 Fashion
06 Cactus
07 Starman
08 China Girl
09 Fantastic Voyage
10 She'll Drive The Big Car
11 Days
12 The Man Who Sold The World
13 Hallo Spaceboy
14 Heathen (The Rays)
15 Under Pressure
16 Life On Mars?
17 Panic In Detroit
18 Ashes To Ashes
19 Never Get Old
20 White Light / White Heat
21 I'm Afraid Of Americans
22 "Heroes"

23 Let's Dance
24 Always Crashing In The Same Car
25 Suffragette City
26 Ziggy Stardust

Chicago Set-List 14.01.2003

Antwort #1
aus einer review auf b-net zur dritten Chicago-show:
He “spaced out” a couple of times. Once very badly during “Five Years”. I think a whole verse went by without him singing. I looked at Earl like, “wha?” But they had just played Blue Jean (for the first time on tour) and maybe he was thinking about how it had sounded. (Whaddo I know?) Maybe he was thinking, “WTF are the words here?” I couldn’t help him out because I was singing the wrong words. I’m, glad he didn’t start humming the song, he just stayed quiet. Then he came back. I wondered if he would.

Get a grip, man!

He screwed with the band. They were ready to begin “Life On Mars” twice, he stopped them saying he didn’t want to do it.

...He asked few times how everyone was doing. At one point he started bullshitting that he went on an expedition to Antarctica , that he was an explorer, in the ‘80s . That it wasn’t he who had toured in the ‘80s. That it was someone else.

Hm :gruebel:
sollte man sich Sorgen machen :gruebel:

Chicago Set-List 14.01.2003

Antwort #2

Hm :gruebel:
sollte man sich Sorgen machen :gruebel:

nä  -aber Bo als Polarforscher.... mhmm---- noch  ne schöne Filmidee...  :-D  :-D  :-D

gruß, Z

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