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Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming
Thema: Setlist San Jose 27.01.2004 (698-mal gelesen) Vorheriges Thema - Nächstes Thema
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Setlist San Jose 27.01.2004


01 Rebel Rebel
teaser - Do You Know The Way To San Jose

02 New Killer Star
03 Reality
04 Fame
05 Cactus
06 All The Young Dudes
07 China Girl
08 I've Been Waiting For You
09 Days
10 The Man Who Sold The World
11 Afraid
12 Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
13 The Loneliest Guy
14 Hang On To Yourself
15 Hallo Spaceboy
16 Sunday
17 Under Pressure
18 Life On Mars?
19 Never Get Old
20 Ashes To Ashes
21 White Light, White Heat
22 I'm Afraid Of Americans
23 "Heroes"


24 Bring Me The Disco King
25 Five Years
26 Suffragette City
27 Ziggy Stardust

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Setlist San Jose 27.01.2004

Antwort #1
nicht besonders aufregend.

Setlist San Jose 27.01.2004

Antwort #2
Dafür aber endlich mal wieder sieben Songs von REALITY!

Setlist San Jose 27.01.2004

Antwort #3
sieben Songs von REALITY

Wunder oh Wunder :-)

aber nachdem ich diese Aussage hier auf b-net gelesen habe...enthalte ich mich ab sofort jeglicher Stimme was Set-listen betrifft.
Odd as it may seem, I still very much enjoy singing China Girl, as much as I enjoy singing Motel. They are both included as my intention is to sing a show that both the audience and myself enjoy.
Per show something like 200 or so people know Motel, ( I know this to be about right as I usually mention Outside by name just to satisfy myself of its recognition, or lack of, among the crowd - usually about a couple of hundred voices respond) nearly all 12,000 upwards know China Girl. But I still perform Motel as it is a great thing to sing.

The material ratio between known and unknown is just about right for a two and a half hour show in front of such large audiences. We (audience and band) are having a blast this year. Very special.
From a quick count up of the many 'dream set lists' that have been banded around over the last while I would have to do a set of about six hours (about 70 songs)

I won't be doing that this year.

I am loving this tour, performing for you has been a real joy, your response has been fantastic and incredibly warm. I shall continue in the same fashion that I started this tour, picking my set list as I feel it.
I won't perform certain songs if I don't feel like doing them and for a number of you, I will be doing songs with which you may be bored. I, on the other hand, am not bored. And, unlike you, I am at every show.

("klingt" irgendwie wirklich nach IHM :-) )

picking my set list as I feel it.
we are manipulated :help::)  well... :-)
wo er Recht hat, hat er Recht.

Setlist San Jose 27.01.2004

Antwort #4
jaja, der Bo.

gruß, Z

Setlist San Jose 27.01.2004

Antwort #5
das hat er ja alles sehr schön ausgedrückt  :-D

Setlist San Jose 27.01.2004

Antwort #6
*gg* unlike you I am at every show.
ach nee is ja nicht wahr.  8)

Setlist San Jose 27.01.2004

Antwort #7
Genau, er ist schließlich keine Travelling Juke-Box wie er ja auch schonmal sagte. Außerdem sind die Hits wie China Girl und Let's dance genauso wichtig für eine gute Show wie Five Years und The Motel.

Weiter so David!

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