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Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming
Thema: Edmonton 10th April 2004 (1015-mal gelesen) Vorheriges Thema - Nächstes Thema
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Edmonton 10th April 2004

1. Rebel Rebel
2. Modern Love
3. New Killer Star
4. Fame
5. Cactus
6. All The Young Dudes
7. China Girl
8. Hang Onto Yourself
9. Never Get Old
10.The Loneliest Guy
11.The Man Who Sold the World
13.Hallo Spaceboy
16. Under Pressure
17. Days
18. Looking For Water
19. Ashes To Ashes
20. Quicksand
21. Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
22. I'm Afraid Of Americans
23. Heroes

24. Suffragette City
25. Ziggy Stardust

ähm naja ...  kurz und schmerzlos

isabelle_Guns/b-net (the bunny... you know :wink:)
He was joking with the audience more and even threw in a Chinese version of “China Girl” completely unrehearsed and it took the band by surprise. After the English version of the song, the guitar techs were about to hand over the newly tuned guitars for the next song but Bowie stopped the techs right in their tracks. The techs and band’s reactions were genuine. He made his band play “China Girl” again and he started to sing the first verse in Chinese. Whether he was really speaking in Chinese or not is besides the point ‘cause it was what he said afterwards which proved how comfortable he was with the crowd and was willing to improve. “That is so kind of you to be clapping for an old white man’s Chinese.”

a different angle :-)

Edmonton 10th April 2004

Antwort #1
Ich könnte wirklich heulen, wenn ich sehe, dass die dort drüben alle Modern love bekommen und er das für Europa im Sommer garantiert wieder von der List streichen werden.

 :cry: :cry: :cry:

Re: Edmonton 10th April 2004

Antwort #2

a different angle :-)

Das ist ein wirklich gutes Bild!
Wirklich gut!

Edmonton 10th April 2004

Antwort #3
Endlich mal ein anderer Blickwinkel! :-D


Edmonton 10th April 2004

Antwort #4
Nettes Photo,endlich mal was anderes  :lol:

Und immer noch kein Time.Na ja,vielleicht hebt er sich das ja für den Sommer auf  :?

Edmonton 10th April 2004

Antwort #5
guten morgen angelinblack
8.12 uhr durchgemacht oder aus dem bett gefallen...

ostergruss korner

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