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Thema: "The Supermen" - Berkeley 16th April 04 (1249-mal gelesen) Vorheriges Thema - Nächstes Thema
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"The Supermen" - Berkeley 16th April 04

wunder oh wunder ...diesesmal sind sogar die B-net news schnell(er)
aber anyway:

01 Rebel Rebel 
02 New Killer Star 
03 Battle For Britain (The Letter) 
04 Fame 
05 Cactus 
06 Fashion 
07 All The Young Dudes 
08 China Girl 
09 The Supermen 
10 Never Get Old 
11 The Loneliest Guy 
12 Modern Love 
13 The Man Who Sold The World 
14 Hallo Spaceboy 
15 Sunday 
16 Heathen (The Rays) 
17 Under Pressure 
18 Days 
19 Afraid 
20 Ashes To Ashes 
21 Quicksand 
22 I'm Afraid Of Americans 
23 "Heroes"
24 Slip Away (With The Polyphonic Spree) 
25 Changes 
26 Suffragette City 
27 Ziggy Stardust 

While he did "Modern Love" security was busy sending people back to their seat, so after he finished he told them "that people just want to dance, so they should let them.." and then even mentioned his brother! Like how he was never allowed to dance when he went to concerts in the past.

I smiled as he introduced “Supermen’ for the first time. As I closed my eyes and heard Marc Bolan within my psyche, listening to Earl Slick sounding ever so much like Mick Ronson. This was a moment of glory tonight pulling this one out of the hat. He commented afterward about the lyrics, the seventies and his old buddy. Modern Love flipped the script; Quicksand is one of his best jewels he proudly displayed.

After “Heroes” he returned from the deafening audience applause. (I think he brought the house down). He transitioned into an interlude about Uncle Floyd. Then the Polyphonic Spree strolled on to collaborate with Bowie a unique version of “Slip Away” that was profoundly serene. The song “Changes” is about growing and the process of life. Bowie spoke about the state the world, how he loves his fans and what he does for a living.

"The Supermen" - Berkeley 16th April 04

Antwort #1
nette Liste. bin mal gespannt was uns im Juni von ihm erwartet.

"The Supermen" - Berkeley 16th April 04

Antwort #2
noch ein pic vom B-net . . .


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