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houston 29.April

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Houston April 29th 2004

01 Rebel Rebel
02 New Killer Star
03 Battle For Britain (The Letter)
04 Cactus
05 Fashion
06 All The Young Dudes
07 China Girl
08 Modern Love
09 Fame
10 The Loneliest Guy
11 The Man Who Sold The World
12 Hallo Spaceboy
13 Sunday
14 Heathen (The Rays)
15 Under Pressure
16 Days
17 The Supermen
18 Reality
19 Ashes To Ashes
20 Quicksand
21 White Light, White Heat
22 I’m Afraid Of Americans
23 "Heroes"

24 Slip Away (With The Polyphonic Spree)
25 Suffragette City
26 Ziggy Stardust

gruß, Z

houston 29.April

Antwort #1
Ein wirklich schöner Hut. Ich finde, er steht ihm (der Hut meine ich  :-D )

houston 29.April

Antwort #2
Houston is hot tonight...

houston 29.April

Antwort #3
review snippets:(b-net)
And in Bowie's words "it just seemed like the right thing to do". (Bowie said this about his to-the -floor kneeling bow at the end of "lonliest Guy" or was is "Days"? Well anyway it was sort of well there goes the guy to the floor and and and....down he is down. Then the song finished and with aplomb promptly said - "I don't know why I did that. It just felt right at the time". To which everybody - including David - had a good chuckle).

Speaking of exotic -- Bowie was amazing --at one point in the concert he was just standing on our side of the stage (one of the few times) and he was literally just a yard away (seemed like an arms grasp away) and another girl and I just looked at each other knowingly like -- should we tackle him (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) or just respect his moment as he looked like he was pausing so we just had to pick up our jaws off the ground and just stare in awe. Should have tackled him!!!

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