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Turin Brakes - 3rd Album & Single

Fishing For A Dream will be the 1st single taken from JackInABox the 3rd album from TB, the single is due for release on the 15th of May but this date, as always, is brittle like the bones of an old woman!


Turin Brakes - 3rd Album & Single

Antwort #1


Das neue TURIN BRAKES Album wird voraussichtlich am 30.Mai von Source Records erscheinen. Als erste Single dürfte Fishing For A Dream geplant sein, welche am 16.Mai erscheint.
Hier das Statement der Band und die Tracklist:

Hello friends and family of Turin Brakes. We recently finished work on our new baby JackInABox, its a summers breeze of a record which we are well chuffed with and we hope it finds you all well. Its been a while since we were out there and a lot has happened like me (Olly) Getting all Pregnazoided up! We feel we have truly found our feet since we built our own studio and self produced JackInABox and are very excited about the year ahead, the live band has come on a treat and spirits are high. We look forward to seeing you on a warm summers evening with some beer and a winning smile...... and some killer tunes x

Work on JackInABox began in the bands newly completed Brixton studio in early 2004. Returning home to London after 18 months on the road in support of critically-acclaimed second album Ether Song, the band put the studio together, closed the door, put the kettle on and got to work. The result is JackInABox, a sunny and direct album, full of characteristically robust pop melodies and spine-tingling harmonies.

JackInABox was recorded and produced by the band and mixed by Spike Stent at Olympic Studios, London.

The full tracklisting is:

1. They Cant By The Sunshine
2. Red Moon
3. Forever
4. Asleep With The Fireflies
5. Fishing For A Dream
6. Road To Nowhere
7. Over And Over
8. Last Clown
9. Above The Clouds
10. Building Wraps Around Me
11. JackInABox
12. Come And Go

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