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The Strokes

XFM schreibt:

The Strokes: Album Rumours Circulate

Their second album may have received a somewhat lukewarm response, but this hasn’t stopped the hype building around the Strokes third studio album more than five months before it’s allegedly due to hit the shelves.

All of what you’re about to read is purely speculative. But you want to know all the same, don’t you? Of course you do…

Various reports suggest that the follow-up to The Strokes’ 2002 album ‘Room on Fire’ will hit shops in the US on Tuesday January 24, which would typically correspond to a January 23 UK release date.

A first single, thought to be ‘Juicebox’, is expected to hit radio airwaves in mid-October, while the video for the release, regardless of which track is finally selected, is set to be shot in September.

As previously reported, the band are currently mixing the 14 tracks with Andy Wallace [Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Jeff Buckley] in New York, before they make a final tracklisting selection. And while all 14 tracks are currently up for selection, three tracks, ‘Vision of Division’, ‘Razor Blade’ and ‘Ask Me Anything’, have been confirmed as definite inclusions, while other possibles include: ‘Heart In A Cage’, ‘Evening Sun’, ‘You Only Live Once’, ‘Killing Lies’, ‘Eyes Of The World’, ‘Fear Of Sleep’ and four other untitled tracks.

Speaking to fans in an interview for the ‘Alone, Together’ fanclub, frontman Julian Casablancas spoke about how the band’s third release will sound.

"Some things on the drums are going to be tricky,” Casablancas admitted, “And Albert [Hammond Jnr.] may have to mimic two rhythms at times, but it's all do-able. It's not like we have a lute and a harp and it's going to be there live. There's delay on it. I never liked it, but now it's sort of everywhere on the record.

“Not crazy 80's reverb, just enough to give a lot of the instruments space so it sounds fuller, bigger, and louder, and what I used to call 'more professional.'"

The Strokes

Antwort #1
Their second album may have received a somewhat lukewarm response

Ich habe beide Strokes-Alben und hatte eher den Eindruck, als ob das zweite einfach eine Fortsetzung des ersten war. Ich höre beide Alben gerne!
Das dritte werde ich mir dann auch besorgen. Mir gefällt der Stil!

Vielleicht schafft die Band es diesmal, Songs zu machen, die länger als 3:30min sind... :wink:

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