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Bowie in "Q" 200

hübsch verpackt ist  die Jubiläumsausgabe von "Q"... Goldtüte mit Star-konterfeis...  eins davon BO...
Innen drin ein kurzes Interview...  und zwei interessante Bilder...

SOO sieht's also bei BO's im Badezimmer aus... (Ausschnitt)

gruß, Z (survived...!! 8O )

Bowie in "Q" 200

Antwort #1
...Booo´s Bad...ne ne das sieht eher nach ´ner Frau us....a big shopping deal....

Bowie in "Q" 200

Antwort #2
das da IS aber Bo...

Bowie in "Q" 200

Antwort #3
...aber nicht SEIN Bad....da bin ich mir sicher...denn wenn ich da die Tüten so rum liegen lassen würde...ohhh das geb aber Ärger...und die haben bestimmt jeder sein Eigenes...obwohl da steht so eine verräterische Gatorade-Pulle (ohne Pfand)...

Bowie in "Q" 200

Antwort #4
Was ist denn "Q"? Ist das ne deutsche Zeitschrift? Hab ich noch nie gesehen oder gehört *schäm*

Q Magazine

Antwort #5
Was ist denn "Q"? Ist das ne deutsche Zeitschrift? Hab ich noch nie gesehen oder gehört *schäm*

Klar kennste - Q - Piper - englisch - deutsch - italienisch (?) --


Bowie in "Q" 200

Antwort #6
Hm, kenn ich leider tatsächlich nicht. Muss ich mal nach Ausschau halten.

Re: nach Ausschau halten

Antwort #7
Muss ich mal nach Ausschau halten.

Das - is aber - ne alte Ausgabe -  ja -

Bowie in "Q" 200

Antwort #8
Hi! Dem oben eingefügten pic nach zu urteilen, gibt's die Ausgabe eigentlich schon, oder? Nur hier in Kassel seh ich sie irgendwie nirgends im Regal stehen :( . Wann ist sie denn eigentlich rausgekommen - sprich, wie stehen meine Chancen, sie noch zu ergattern?
Gruß, Felis

Bowie in "Q" 200

Antwort #9
Schau doch mal in eine Bahnhofsbuchhandlung Felis.

Bowie in "Q" 200

Antwort #10
YUPP! In den Presseshops am Bahnhof solltest Du schon fündig werden. Sogar das Kaff Krefeld führt den NME, Q, Uncut und THE FACE. :)

Ich lese gerne im Q-Magazine! In England gibt´s auch häufiger mal Gratis-CDs dazu, aber die fehlen hier in Deutschland immer! *seufz*

das Interview...

Antwort #11
David Bowie - He'd drop and give you 100 if he could

Where are you and what are you up to?
I'm in N.Y. writing some things for the new album. We should start recording later this year, with production by me and Tony Visconti.

What`s the best thing you`ve heard in the last 16 years?
Let`s think...Sixteen years?Of course, I loved what the pixies were doing around that time. And Sonic Youth too. Daydream Nation ins an extraordinary album. And in the `90s I thought The Prodigy`s second album (Music For The Jilted Generation) was just an amazing record. It impressed me quite a lot.

What`s been the highlight of the last 16 years?
Personally, the birth of my daughter (two-year-old Alexandria Zahra Jones) was wonderful. And professionally I`d have to say the last tour was marvellous.

And the low point?
(Deflated sigh) I didn`t enjoy 1987 at all. I was just so surprised by my indifference to anything creative. I`d say the whole `84-`88 period was pretty bad. After Let`s Dance, everything has gotten too big. Actually, the "Blond Ambition" tour, as we ended up calling it, in 1984 was pretty good. We`d booked it before everything went huge and it really was quite innovative - it was the first big theatrical show-type tour there had been. Madonna and Prince came to see it and it had an influence.
But then, with the Glass Spider tour in 1987, there was too much happening at one time. I didn`t realise that you couldn`t concentrate on three or four things at the same time. But I`ve seen ideas from it crop up in various places. Maybe that was the best thing about it. People could take and use the best bits for their own things.

What fantasy do you still have to fulfil?
Umm...nothing really. I`ve done quite as lot. I mean, I`m looking forward immensely to seeing my daughter grow up, and being able to have proper conversations with her will be fantastic. She`s just getting the hang of sentences at the moment. Oh, and I would like to be able do 100 press-ups. I can do 40 at the moment so I think 100 is a really good goal.

What would you like 200 of?
Paints, I think. IŽd like 200 tubes of paint. I love the names -Cadmium yellow, Vermillion and so on. I don`t think I`d use them, I`d just look at them.

What`s the best advice you`ve ever received?
In the early days, all the greats like Mick Jagger and John Lennon were forever telling me the same thing: Don`t have anything to do with managers. They were always very adamant about that and in hindsight it was good advice. But (chuckles ruefully) it was usually just after I`d signed a contract with another one.

When was the last time you were really drunk?
I haven`t drunk alcohol for about 15 years. I`ve got very used to working without relying on drink and drugs. Even Low was largely drug free, that was the first instance in a very long time that I`d gone into an album without anything like that to help me along. I was scared because I thought that maybe my creativity had to be bound up with drug, that enhanced my ability to make music. But that album turned out OK.

Who was the last person you texted?
I don`t even have a cellphone. Whenever I`m in the studio I really need to concentrate. So I can`t be doing with all the interruptions, especially the phone.

What`s your idea of Heaven and Hell?
I don`t believe in either.

What side do you dress to?

How many dressing gowns do you own?

You played the whole of Low and Heathe live this year. Any other albums you`d fancy doing in their entirety?
Those shows went down so well it did start me thinking about other album pairings that might work well. I thought that The Man Who Sold The World and Earthling could work together. And perhaps Young Americans and Black Tie White Noise - they`ve both got that R&B thing. That might be interesting.

What about Station to Station?
Well, it`s pretty short. It`s only got six tracks, it`s not much more than half an hour. If that. So maybe I could do three albums in one night if I include that one. That might be a little too much. But, with the band I habe at the moment, I think if anyone can tackle something like that, they can.

Apparently you really like the BBC comedy The League Of Gentlemen?
Oh, definitely. I love that show, it`s hilarious. That and, of course, The Office, which is one of the funniest things I`ve seen in ages.

When was the last time you did the washing up?
The night before last. It was just a midnight snack. And I washed up a knife and a plate afterwards.

gruß, Z
(ich hab's nicht abgeschreiben... nur copy&paste...)

Bowie in "Q" 200

Antwort #12
thanx again Z.wiedereinmal ein nettes kleines Interview.

aber müssen wir wiklich wissen wieviele Bademäntel der Mann hat oder wann er das letzte mal abgewaschen hat :wink:  :?:

no Cellphone? Hey well, wer's glaubt :wink:

Bowie in "Q" 200

Antwort #13
Uiuiui! Das mit dem Songwriting hört sich doch sehr gut an. Das keimt sofort wieder Hoffnung in mir auf und auch was er über die verschiedenen Alben gesagt hat, die live gut zusammenpassen würden, fand ich sehr interessant.

Wär doch mal was neues, wenn jemand auf Tour geht und einfach nur 2 seiner alten Alben spielt. Einfach so... weil sie so gut zusammen passen. Ich glaub, dass hat bisher noch keiner gemacht, oder? Wäre also eigentlich bowietypisch mal wieder ein neues Konzept zu erproben.

Bowie in "Q" 200

Antwort #14
Songwriting hört sich in der Tat gut an.
und zwar am besten g l e i c h :)

Kann doch nicht so schwierig sein...

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