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Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming
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Mike Garson

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Mike Garson - Space Oddity


Mike Garson

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Trent and I are old buddies. We met during the nineties when I was touring with David Bowie. We were on the same bill and played together which led to my playing on the Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile" album as well as the last two shows of the their Wave Goodbye tour.

I've long admired Trent's film score work and was honored to get a call from him during his work composing the Gone Girl score. One of the cues he had written for it is "Just Like You," a very haunting song with synths and piano He asked me to develop from the theme he created - but in my way, for solo piano.

It was very challenging because I had to work from his track, which I love, and find my own way of creating without veering into certain styles that wouldn't work with the score he was building. I had a very limited window, and I got lucky and found it. What came about is the two minute segment that follows his cue and comprises the final half of the song in the film. It's a very satisfying piece of music for me and I'm proud of our collaboration.

I hope you enjoy the song and share it with the world...
Just Like You




Mike Garson

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 Happy 70th Birthday to Mike Garson!  :birthday:


Mike Garson

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 H a P p Y b I r T h D a Y !  :)

Gruß, Z  8)

LA Talk Radio Interview

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 Schönes Radio-Interview


Antw.: Mike Garson

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Mike Garson's Haus und Studio sind in Folge der Waldbrände in LA abgebrannt. :(
Die Familie ist aber okay.

Antw.: Mike Garson

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Achduscheiße!  :o
Oh je, das tut mir leid...
Mike Garson
‏Verifizierter Account @mikegarson

The fire situation in the Los Angeles area is terrible. My family and I are safe.
Unfortunately, my home and studio have burned to the ground and we are
devastated. I’ve heard from friends, family & fans and appreciate all of the
love pouring in from all corners of the globe.

13:56 - 10. Nov. 2018


schlimm, schlimm. 


Gruß, Z

PS.. Irgendwie brennt es oft in Kalifornien...
Diese irren Brände, wo die Weinflaschen geschmolzen sind, waren letztes Jahr auch um die Zeit  :(

Antw.: Mike Garson

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The Mike Garson Fund

Playing In The Key Of Love

Mike Garson is our friend. He is an amazing pianist and composer who has had an enormous impact on jazz, classical and rock music along with being a lifelong humanitarian who has helped countless people, performers and charity organizations around the world at the drop of a hat with the expectation of nothing in return. Mike’s musical career includes a decades long collaboration with David Bowie on more than 1,000 live performances and dozens of blockbuster albums along with albums and performances with greats like Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins and so many more. Mike has been the soundtrack to so many of our lives and it’s time for us to give back.

Mike’s home and studio have tragically burned to the ground - a place of magic where he composed and played on thousands of pieces of music, taught and consoled musicians and friends from around the world, and shared music and stories about his time with David Bowie to fans after Bowie’s passing. Mike’s pianos, keyboards, recording equipment, historical mementos, photographs and much more were lost to the traffic fires in Southern California on November 9. We must help him rebuild his studio, get back on the piano and continue to spread his gift to us all once more.

We’ve seen Mike receiving thousand of communications, each sincere and heartwarming with one body of thought asking if there’s anything they can do to help. All Mike has been saying in return has been gracious appreciation along with encouraging words that we all “transmit the outpouring of love given [to him] and don’t wait for moments like this to show others how much [we] love and care.” We adore Mike’s philosophy and understand his hesitation to ask for help when it’s badly needed. Mike believes in the power of music’s ability to heal and it is Mike’s music and compassionate spirit that empowers us to help him.

So we’re taking over and creating this campaign on our own, on behalf of Mike but without his involvement as it’s something he would never in his wildest dreams ask for. We're asking everyone who has been touched by Mike’s music, his spirit, his passion, each of you who has has reached out to him wondering how they can help - please donate to this fund to allow our friend to get back to work on making the world a better place, rebuilding his spirit, rebooting his music and creating a studio for many more years of Mike Garson magic to come…

Please donate what you can and help spread the word to make this happen. Thank you!

Fundraiser by Edmund Monsef : The Mike Garson Fund

Gruß, Z

Antw.: Mike Garson

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Mike Garson's David Bowie Tribute Live on Periscope - January 16, 2016

gruß, Z  :'(

Antw.: Mike Garson

Antwort #14
falls jemand mehr über Edmund Monsef, den Initiator der GoFundMe-Kampagne wissen will - er hat ein Update geschrieben:
....As Mike Garson’s engineer for many years, I spent a lot of time in his home studio and know first hand of the tremendous loss to Mike and the rest of us who adore him with it now all gone. I cherish the memories I’ve had with Mike and am privileged to have been welcomed into his creative space and for the friendship I have had with him....

...While Mike is not involved in this campaign, he and his family are aware of it, humbled and grateful that the community has come together to help. All funds will be transferred directly to Mike Garson with no expectation of anything in return. We will not profit from this campaign in any way other than the satisfaction that we will have been able to help Mike get back into the studio to create the magic that we know he’ll make despite this terrible loss....

Fundraiser by Edmund Monsef : The Mike Garson Fund

Und hier ist seine Discogs-Seite
Edmund Monsef | Discography & Songs | Discogs

gruß, Z

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