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Hi Ihr Lieben,
ich weiß gerade nicht unter welches bestehende Thema ich diesen Post packen könnte, daher eröffne ich mal einen Neuen.

Letztes Jahr begann ich damit auf Facebook meine Erinnerungen an sämtliche Bowie-Konzerte und Begegnungen von 1999 aufzuschreiben, welche zu dem Zeitpunkt genau 20 Jahre her waren.

Nun begegnen mir diese Aufzeichnungen gerade wieder in meinen Facebook Memories - und ich dachte mir es könnte evtl auch hier den einen oder anderen interessieren ;)

Aus diesem Grund werde ich meine Berichte hier mal reinkopieren. Allerdings werden sie auf Englisch sein - sorry sorry. Aber ich bin zu faul, dass auch noch zu übersetzen ;)
Ich hoffe ihr seht es mir nach?!

LG Simone

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Antwort #1
10. Oktober 1999 - Dublin

Today is October 10th, exactly 20 years ago David performed at the HQ Club in Dublin.
It marks several anniversaries for me actually.
It was the first time I saw David perform in a tiny venue instead of a festival, the first time I really met him (other than him walking past me to get into his bus in Leipzig 1997 without stopping) and got my first autograph and photo with him.

But I'll try to write down everything I remember again...
Judging by photos I found in the NetAid folder yesterday it seems that I took a train and ferry from London to Dublin with Bianca and Gilly (don't remember if Steffi went to Dublin as well or not).
We stayed somewhere in a hostel and afterwards went to the HQ Club, or maybe I went to a different pub first where I got my ticket. Really can't recall any details unfortunately, my memory so sucks, sigh. I only know we arrived without tickets but got them somehow before the show...

And what a wonderful experience the tiny club was after the festivals I saw! There was absolutely no gap between stage and audience and the stage was really low.
Placebo were playing as his support, and I was standing in front row and nearly got hit by the guitar due to the stage being nearly at my feet.

When David came on a few people even managed to shake his hand/gave flowers to him what I considered too  as I carried a self-made marzipan rose with me for days, but decided to wait for a better moment.

After the concert we quickly went to his hotel to wait for him, and there were only 4 or 5 of us. I think someone unfortunately missed him arrive as she went to the loo right before :(

David was really sweet, he shook my hand, I gave him the marzipan rose (but sadly forgot to mention that I made it myself), and asked him to sign a photo I took of him at my second concert in Leipzig.
He did, and did it exactly the way I hoped he would (and even had a dream about before). That particular photo with a silver pen and dedicated to me: "For Simone, best wishes, Bowie'99". Waaah!

And Gilly asked him wether he got the mousepad she threw at his car in NY a month before, and he replied something like "oh, you mean the one with the three girls on it?"
Well, close, but it was a photo of the fab four space girls (Gilly, Bianca, Sandra and Steffi - I myself wasn't around then yet)

The next day I phoned my friend from the hostel, telling her that she could now have my Prodigy autograph I got in Leipzig.
Short story about that: When I saw David in Leipzig 1997 walking past without stopping and signing I was so sad and disappointed. Thought I'd never ever get that chance again, and more out of frustration I had one or two members of The Prodigy (not Keith, he didn't sign but ignored everyone by pressing his mohawk against the van window) sign my Go Bang concert poster.
It really wasn't very important to me, so I told my friend she could have the autograph in case I'd ever manage to meet David again...
So, I could finally keep my promise!

Then we went back to the hotel to wait for David to leave, and after a friend gave him a present she also took the first photo of David and me!

Great memories indeed <3

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Antwort #2
11. Okrober 1999

Und heute vor 21 Jahren entstand das gestern erwähnte erste Foto von David und mir 💕💕

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Antwort #4
Gehören eigentlich noch zum 10.10., aber hab sie irgendwie auf FB erst heut vor nem Jahr gepostet.
Fotos die ich beim Konzert in Dublin machte :)

LG Simone

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Antwort #5
14, Oktober 1999

After Dublin we followed David to Paris, where he was performing at Elysseé Montmartre on October 14th, 1999 - exactly 20 years ago today (or yesterday by the time I get to post my story).
I don't recall much of my trip to Paris, but I know I used Ryanair for the first time, and I arrived in Paris on the 12th, while Gilly and Bianca came a day later.
I have no idea though if I left Dublin on the 11th or on the 12th, or where I spent the night in between, hmmm....
I do however remember buying a book by an Irish poet as a gift for David, and a card with the imprint of a flower bouquet and the words "Thanks a bunch", the first time I ever heard that expression.
I also remember that the day I arrived in Paris on the 12th I called the tourist information in a phone booth, probably to find out the address or phone number of the hotel we assumed David was staying in. And I was really shocked when they had a hard time connecting me to someone who spoke English! At a tourist information in a touristy city like Paris!! Unbelievable!
That night I was staying in a hostel close to the venue, a pure coincidence I think. But it was really fortunate that I did.
The only way to get tickets for the show was by getting a wristband right at the venue in the morning of the 13th.
And I was planning to go and queue at about 6 in the morning.
But after I got back from sightseeing or whatever at around midnight I was passing the venue and saw the first fans queuing already. Familiar faces like Charlie and other British fans etc
So of course I changed my plans, only grabbed a blanket or something from the hostel and joined the others in the queue.
So glad I did, cause around 6 or 8 the line was really long already.
After collecting my wristband, I don't think there were actual tickets at all, I must have gone to the hotel and met up with my friends Gilly, Bianca and Lydia. Gilly and Bianca didn't have to queue as they were on Mikes guestlist for the show.
Lucky them, but queuing with the other fans was quite fun too.
Unfortunately I don't recall exactly how many times I/we saw David arrive and leave during those days nor what happened when.
I do remember though that on the 13th we were waiting for him to leave the hotel and go to a press conference.
I took a photo of him then, but nothing much else happened I think.
We then went to the location of the press conference as well, but it was already over and when we met some other fans they told us that they managed to get inside.
What a pity that we missed that.
No idea what happened later that day, we probably went back to the hotel again but I don't remember if we saw him again that day or only on the next day.
I remember that I saw David leave or arrive sometime, wearing a beige jeans and jeans jacket, he looked great in that. But no clue what day that was.
And at one point I definetely met him again when he arrived at the hotel and I gave him the book and card that I wrote for him - the one with the "thanks a bunch" imprint.
He took it and replied "Thanks a bunch!" to me.
I was quite speechless. No idea if his reply was just a coincidence or if he mocked the card, lol 🙂
The concert at Elysseé Montmarte was wonderful again. Such a small venue and David was in a great mood (ok, no idea if I had remembered that if I hadn't watched the video tonight) and was very a cute blue jumper with thumbholes and black pants.
Too bad the shows during that mini-tour were so mini as well. Only 70 minutes short - but sooo lovely with great unusual set lists. (Word On A Wing, I Can't Read, Repetition, Always Crashing In The Same Car, Drive-In Saturday etc, and of course some new songs from "hours". Unfortunately he didn't perform my favourite new song yet - "If I'm Dreaming My Life".
And that's one thing I mentioned in the card.
After the concert we rushed back to his hotel again and if my memory serves me right we saw him arrive, might have given present and card to him then, dunno, but I think that was sometime in daylight, not when it was dark, or I also might have asked him for another signature, on my Hours CD cover, but maybe I'm wrong about that. It's all such a blur by now, sigh.
Then he went inside and after a little while he came back outside as he and the band went to an after-show party at Man Ray.
And at that point he had slightly more time I think and I asked him for another photo.
I stood next to him and tried frantically to get my camera strap of my neck to hand it to Bianca or Gilly.
This time David put his arm around me, and when I realized that I didn't quite faint, but my head instantly leaned against his shoulder. Happened absolutely instinctively haha.
Because of that the photo looks quite funny with my hair all over my face.
I remember some other fan later critizised the way I look on there, but sheesh, with standing next to David with his arm around me I certainly didn't care about my looks!!
Unfortunately I can't post a picture of that photo right now, cause it turned out no one actually used my camera, but Bianca took it with hers.
So the only copy I have of this photo is framed at home (and I won't be home before mid-November).
I also have a second photo of that moment, or rather slightly before, which I learned about weeks and weeks later when Gilly finally remembered telling me! It's even funnier...it was the moment when I tried getting my camera off my neck and it looks like I was about to knock David out with it....he looks quite scared, hahaha.
Unfortunately I can't post that one either right now.
Afterwards we also went to have a look at Man Ray, but didn't get in of course and I don't think David stayed for long.
No idea though if we saw him come back again or not. Maybe, but in that case nothing happened.
For some reason I stayed in a nearby bank over night and "slept" underneath the ATM or something like that.
Not sure what we did the day after the concert, or where I stayed that night. But I suppose we were waiting at the hotel again. Might have been that day when I saw David in that beige Denim outfit I mentioned, a bit like the outfit he was wearing for The Concert For NYC in 2001.
And I also saw David leave the hotel once more finally either on that day or the next and got something else signed, a card with a self-potrait he did.
Back during that tour I got a lot of stuff signed as everyone else was asking him to sign stuff too, as it seemed the easiest way to stop him. For me that only lasted until 2000 though, as it felt a bit silly to me and preferred getting "only" one each year from then on as I was collecting them with the dates.
On October 16th I finally took a train from Paris to Zurich. At the station I stupidly left my travel bag standing by a bench while checking for magazines in a store.
When I came back my bag was gone.
I thought it was stolen - today I rather think it was taken for security reasons maybe.
Unfortunately I had no real time to report it anywhere as my train was about to leave soon and I had to decide wether I'd take care of my bag and miss the train or get on my way.
Well, I went on my way. In the bag were mainly clothes - unfortunately some that I really liked a lot, like some purple paint pants that I loved to pieces and a cool shirt that I bought in London. Sigh...
But thank god I didn't lose my first signed photo (the one I got in Dublin), nor my photo films. That was all I could think about really.
In Zurich I met up with Bianca in the hotel where she was staying, and soon afterwards we took a train to Dornbirn in Austria where David was a guest in the German TV show "Wetten Dass...?"
But that is another story (I didn't manage to get in though)...

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Antwort #6
Und das ist eins der Fotos aus Paris, die ich in der Story oben erwähnte ;) 😂

Gilly hatte es gemacht wie ich Wochen später erfuhr...

Das andere Foto von dem Abend kann ich leider noch immer nicht posten.

LG Simone

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Antwort #7
17. Oktober 1999

On October 17th, 1999 David performed at the Libro Music Hall in Vienna.

So after I left Paris I took the train to Zurich and met up with Bianca. She stayed at the same hotel as David, and judging the photos I found in my folder we waited for him/the band to leave to go to Dornbirn, Austria, where he was a guest at the TV show "Wetten Dass...?" on October 16th.
I have no idea anymore why the hell he stayed in Zurich, nor how we knew about that, cause Zurich is a fair bit away from Dornbirn and Vienna.
Maybe it was on the way from Paris? *shrugs*
I think we didn't see David though when he left, or I just don't remember it. In that case we probably only saw him but nothing happened.
We then took the train to Dornbirn ourselves and met up with Gilly, Sandra and Steffi.
They somehow managed to get into the studio by getting spare tickets or so, but Bianca and I didn't get in.
She then went back to her hotel, and I must have waited for the others as I continued my way with them.
My memory is very bad again, but I suppose Sandra was there with her car and after spending the night at some guesthouse (Gilly says they shared one bed with three, and I slept on some wooden bench - I don't recall at all, so she might be right) we went on to go to Vienna.

Again I don't remember much at all.
Only that it was a great show again with a breathtaking version of "I Can't Read".
And the first and almost only time he performed "If I'm Dreaming My Life", my favorite song of the album <3
And that one I asked for on the card I wrote for David in Paris, so I've always wondered if I might have inspired him with my request... :)
I don't remember if we already went to his hotel after the show, we might have, but in that case we probably didn't see him then.

But the next morning we definetely went to the hotel and waited with quite a few other fans.
The hotel staff asked us to stand in a line, and when David came out he signed something for everyone. I wish I'd remember what I had with me then, but no idea.
But I know I had bought a little present for him, two hair clippers with Eeyore of Winnie The Pooh, cause Davids long hair always kept falling in his face, lol.
I gave those to him, and he smiled and replied something like 'ah that's useful', haha.
And somehow I learned about a TV show that would take place in Paris a few days later and I decided to go there again.
Unfortunately my holidays were already over, so I think I had to go home first and call in sick at work, ahem.
But then I even was really sick.
On my way back to Paris I was coughing like crazy and I remember after I arrived I spent the night at a hostel in a bunk bed and at some point at night a hand reached up to me, handing me a cough drop, oops...

The TV show was awesome, it was like a mini-concert where he performed at least 5 songs or so. It was called "Nulle Part Ailleurs".
Don't remember any more details though, how I got in etc, sigh.
 I do remember though that I was seated very close to the stage :)
And even though David stayed at the same hotel again, I don't think I really met him there again. Only got a vague memory of him arriving or maybe of me missing him arrive. Hmm. Or maybe my vague memory of me meeting him on the day he left after the Paris concert or when I saw him wearing the beige denim outfit was actually the day after the TV show and not after the concert.
Sheesh, I really wish I had written it all down back then, many things are such a blur, apart from the most special moments of course.
So, that's all about the first leg of the "Hours..." mini tour. He didn't do any more concerts until December, apart from the one in NY at Kit Kat Club, but I didn't go there.
So I will hopefully continue with my stories in 1,5 months. :)

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Antwort #8
Sodele....und ab heute gibt es wieder ein paar Jahrestage, da die 2. Hälfte der Hours Tour im Dezember vor 21 Jahren stattfand.

Leider wieder auf Englisch, da ich es aus den heutigen Facebook Erinnerungen kopiert habe. Sorry ;)

Eigentlich fing das Ganze auch schon vorgestern an, wo wir die "Later With Jools Holland" Show in London sahen.
Aber wo ich die Erinnerungen dazu aufgeschrieben habe müsste ich noch suchen.
An für sich erinnere ich mich da aber auch nicht an viele Details, getroffen hab ich ihn da jedenfalls nicht, nur andere.

Daher werde ich hier jetzt nur in Erinnerungen an die Autogrammstunde und das Konzert im Astoria schwelgen vom 02.12.1999 ❤


Now I'll  continue telling you about my memories of 20 years ago  :)

So here we go, London 1999!

No idea what I did in London on December 1st, 1999, as it seems it was a day off - but December 2nd I remember quite vividly! First the signing session at HMV and then the concert at Astoria in the evening.

I arrived at the Astoria quite early and hung around with some other fans for a while before wandering over to the nearby HMV where David was about to do a signing session.
There was a long queue and not everyone got lucky to meet him. Some people were just going up and down the escelator to watch from above and looked as if they'd seen an UFO, lol.
Gilly wasn't there in time yet for the signing but arrived later for the show.
And I'm not sure but Bianca and Steffi might have already been there but gotten a bad number...?
But my number was alright and I waited in line until it was my turn.
There was one Italian guy who didn't have a ticket for the show but turned up with his ticket for the cancelled Gisborne concert to ask if he could get in with that - and of course David got him sorted! <3

When it was my turn I handed my camera to some people behind me so they could take a photo of me with David.

I had my hologram 'hours' cover with me for him to sign and asked him if he could write 'for Simone', and he replied 'yeah I know'. I was quite stunned that he claimed to remember my name by then...(well, he didn't really yet, but thats in another story) ;)

So he signed my CD cover and then said to me 'Watch out, I got the flu!' And I very caringly replied 'I don't care!' He repeated it again and again I replied I didn't care! LMAO
This might seem very insensitive towards the poor sick guy - but don't ask me why, for some reason I felt/knew the reason of him saying this..
Because after I confirmed for the second time that I didn't care about him having the flu, he kissed me on the cheek! And I of course returned the kiss at the same time.
And then I was floating out of the shop - and forgot all about my camera.
I stormed back in right away and the security guard was already waiting for me and handed it to me.
Phew!! So glad it didn't get lost as the folks behind me took a really great shot of David and me <3 I just love the smirk on his face.
And 15 years later I learned that there was even another photo existing! Mark Adams took that one and finally sent it to me a few years ago! 😘

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Antwort #9
Und das Konzert im Astoria

And the memories of December 2nd, 1999 continue ;)

So when I got back to Astoria after the signing I probably grinned from ear to ear. I remember I told Steve K. (and quite likely Paul Kinder was there too) that David kissed me and he was like 'sheesh, he should know better, he could be your father!" 🤣🤣🤣

I don't quite remember who else I met there while waiting, but at some point Spidey and Don arrived, they won one ticket for the show on BowieNet but naturally were looking for a second one as Spidey would have never gone in without Don. Bless them <3
Gilly also arrived in the afternoon without a ticket. She couldn't make it to the signing as she flew to London directly after work.
Gilly, Spidey and Don didn't end up with an actual ticket, but they talked to Erik (Davids bodyguard) in the back I think and he let them in on Davids request! Awr <3

I myself had a ticket for Astoria - but I don't quite remember how I got it.
I either actually called and managed to order it by phone from work (but that might have been for the ticket for Vienna in October instead) or maybe I also won it on BowieNet. No clue :(
I also don't remember if Bianca and Steffi were there, but quite likely they were. Sandra probably not.
I don't remember what the doors opening was like either - but I ended up in second row I think on the left, behind Natasha I believe, cause I watched her hand her feather boa to David at one point, and he wore it like he used to in Ziggy days.
He also used a tissue for his running nose and I remember someone tried to get it, and David acted as if he was about to throw it to him but ended up throwing it in the pit after replying how disgusting he was. Lol...apparently it was Rob Kingston demanding that David would give us his snots! Hahaha!
And he mentioned that he'd already knew several us by name...like Stephanie etc.
That's the reason why I believe that Steffi was there as well. I think she thought David meant her - while he actually meant Bnetter Electric_Blue Steph Lynch.
And I also remember how David told the story of a fan who thought the Thin White Dukes first name was Neil when introducing "Word On A Wing" to us. 'Neil, the Thin White Duke'. As in "I'm Neil and offer you my word on a wing..." Lol, so cute!
Mind you, I probably only remember all those details from watching the video and listening to the bootleg later on, but still. And I do still see him in front of me there anyway. :)

It was really a great show! And fortunately a really good video of it got leaked very soon after.
Here is the link:

My photos aren't the best (to say the least), but will post them anyway ;)

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Antwort #10
Und am 04.12.1999 trat David in Mailand auf :)

On December 4th, 1999 David performed at Alcatraz in Milan (so exactly 20 years and a week ago today).
I'm a bit late writing about it as I tried to remember as many details as possible.
There are still many things I forgot unfortunately, but I'll write about it now anyway ;)

I don't really recall with whom and how and when exactly I went from London to Milan, but I suppose it was the day before the concert if not on the day.
Judging my photos it seems I shared a room with Gilly (and maybe Bianca, Steffi, no idea, I don't have them on any of my photos though) probably in the same hotel where Lydia was staying as I have a vague memory of meeting her there either in her our our room.
Lydia also told me that there was a party on the evening of the 3rd, organized by the Italian fan club and they hoped David would show up, but he didn't.
I don't think that I went to that party as I have no recollection nor photos of it, but not entirely sure.

I also just learned that one fan and his former girlfriend met David on that evening when he arrived in a cab and it was only them there.
So it seems I didn't go to wait in front of Davids hotel yet on the 3rd, unless we missed him arrive.
All that might in fact mean that I didn't go to Milan yet on the day before the concert but I have no idea why I wouldn't have as it would have been quite stressful otherwise *shrugs*.

I got photos of Lydia and Gilly waiting in front of Davids hotel and a photo of him leaving or arriving, so it seems we did wait for him already before the concert. And maybe that was when I got a photo signed - probably the one of me and him in Dublin two months earlier.

I also don't remember that much of the 4th, or the concert itself, apart from standing quite far on the right and David having a really bad cold, the poor thing.
According to Lydia he even mentioned the party and said he would have come if he had felt better.
But I'd need to listen/watch the bootleg to recall that which I didn't for a long time...

After the concert we (whoever 'we' might have been) probably went to his hotel again, but it seems the memory I thought I had of this was from before the concert, so I have no clue if we saw him again then or not. Don't have any photos to tickle my memory.

On the next day we went to the hotel again as we knew David was going to appear on the TV show 'Quelli Che Il Calcio".
We met him when he left, on the street this time as that was where the car picked him up.
I wrote a get-well card for him, and as almost always the case when you handed him something, he attempted to sign it at first before I quickly told him that it was for him :)
I also made a little photoalbum for him with photos I took during the concerts in October. As I had too many photos for only one of those albums I made two of them...and wrote "to be continued" at the end of the first one.
Then he took off to get to the TV show and waved at us while driving away :)

We also then went to the studio, but it was too late to get inside.
So I was only able to watch it sometime later on when someone sent it to me.
It was a lovely show, though dubbed in Italian unfortunately so a bit hard to understand everything.
Unfortunately I have no clue anymore what I did afterwards and when exactly I continued my travels to Copenhagen, but that's where I went next :)

Here are the links to an audio version of the concert ( ) and to the TV show ( )

My photos again aren't the best - but in fact they are quite a bit better than I remembered them. I just had to edit them a bit as in the original shots he was small at the bottom and a whole lot of nothing above him. 🙄 Hooray for photo editing programs these days!

LG Simone

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Antwort #11
Heute ist der 7. Dezember....der gleich zwei Jahrestage markiert.
Erstens habe ich David heute vor fünf Jahren das allerletzte Mal gesehen bei der Lazarus Premiere in New York, wo Zickylein das großartige Foto von ihm gemacht hat, das ich hier frecherweise als Avatar benutzen darf, weil es mir so viel bedeutet.
Leider ist dieser Jahrestag verdammt bittersweet. Einerseits bin ich froh, dass ich ihn da noch einmal gesehen habe - andererseits ist die Erinnerung sehr schmerzhaft, und es macht mich immer traurig, dass ich nie wieder ganz genauso glücklich sein werde wie damals.


Daher lieber zum zweiten Jahrestag, dem Konzert in Kopenhagen, welches 21 Jahre her ist!
Hier meine FB Memories:


Before this decade is over I would like to tell you about two more 20 year anniversaries I've had on December 7th-9th, when I saw David in Copenhagen and Gothenburg in 1999. <3

After my trip to Milan I went home for a quick visit to pick up some papers and get some stuff done before I took a train to Copenhagen with Bianca. I don't remember much of the trip, but got a couple of photos to remind me.
In Copenhagen we met up with Gilly and Lydia with whom I/we shared a room, and afterwards we went to Hotel D'Angleterre to wait for David to leave for the concert.
Again my memory is only helped by some photos, don't think anything really special happened then. Maybe I got a photo signed, maybe not...
After David left we had a bite to eat in a pizzeria before we went to Vega, the venue.
At the Vega we met some familiar English faces. This is one of the few times I actually remember how I got the ticket for the show. Because it was funny - none of us had an actual ticket as it was sold out so fast! We were all on the guest list of band members. I (and someone else, but don't remember who as apparently it wasn't Gilly, maybe it was Bianca) had met Mike Garson at his hotel in London and asked about the guest list there. And he did put us on it, just lovely <3 Others got in on Gails guest list I think.

The concert in Copenhagen was just awesome. My favourite one of that year. David was in a great mood.
And looked lovely in his yellow jumper (same one as he wore in Milan I think).
He also complained about how his favourite blue jumper got shrunken and introduced us to Jimmy who was guilty of that jumpers fate 😂
The girls even made up a song about that: "Jimmy Shrink That Shirt Again". So hilarious! And it was the first time Jimmy came to my attention with whom I had several nice chats since after <3 A total sweetheart!

After the concert we went back to Davids hotel and waited for him. Again I don't have special memories of that occassion apart from a few photos- but I think it was then that I also finally exchanged some words with Page Hamilton and asked him to sign my 'Hours' CD. He was very humble and didn't really want to sign it as he didn't play on the album. But I think he signed it anyway...and when we left some band members said 'see you tomorrow', lol. Guess we were a little predictable ;) (though actually I'm not 100% sure this really happened there or in Gothenburg the following day to be honest, hmm).

The next day, on December 8th, 1999 we went to the hotel once more to wait for David to leave.
And this time I finally really remember as something special happened. :)
Last time told you about the photo album I gave to David in Milan.
And that morning in Copenhagen I handed him the second album.
And he took it with the words: "Ah, so thats Part 2?" <3
That remark made me quite happy!

Unfortunately there is no video around of the Copenhagen concert, but at least there is this audio bootleg :)

LG Simone

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Antwort #14
Heute war dann die erste richtige Vorstellung von "Lazarus" in NY...seufz.

Also lieber wieder schöneren Erinnerungen zuwenden..

Gestern und heute vor 21 Jahren war David in Göteborg  ❤

GOTHENBURG 1999: "You're In The Paper Today!"

After David left Copenhagen he went on to Gothenburg to do some promotion on two TV shows, so we also took a ferry from Denmark to Sweden. They sold newspapers on the ferry with reviews of the concert at Vega with very blurred photos. I remember that so well because I thought that even I took some better pictures than that. But they printed what would be my worse pictures...amazing 😂
In Gothenburg we stayed at a hostel on a boat, that was pretty cool.
Don't ask me how on earth we knew where David was about to appear but somehow we really ended up at the right TV studio.
At the first one he was on "Bingolotto", but it was taped without an audience I think, or at least we didn't manage to get in. We did go inside the building though and at some point I saw Erik coming around the corner what of course always meant David wasn't far either.
We quietly stood at the wall and watched David and Coco wait for an elevator without bothering them. But the moment he entered the elevator he looked at me and acknowledged me/us with a little nod.
We then went outside and grabbed a cab that took us to the next TV studio.
Again, no clue how we knew where to go. For a moment I thought we followed his car - but that can't be as we arrived at the studio before he did. Odd...
While we were waiting we met some people and a guy told us that he met David earlier and apparently David told him to f*** off! So I was a bit scared he'd be in a really bad mood. But I think that guy was an autograph hunter or even asked him to draw something for him if I recall it right.

Anyway, a little bit later David arrived - and he was in a fantastic mood actually! He saw us and was quite amused: " You are ridiculous, you're going everywhere!" And he chatted us up. Unfortunately I hardly remember what else he said. I asked him to sign a photo I took of him in Vienna, with my name. He asked: "You are?"
Hmpf, I was a bit miffed as at the signing session in London he claimed he knew, lol.
So I told him, and he replied "oh yeah, I know" 🙄😏
He signed it but couldn't write too well with my pen, a liquid silver Edding and made a blot and commented on it that way too. 'Oh, it made a blot!' The blot was running down the photo so I had to let it dry a bit. It's framed on my living room wall :)
Gilly then asked him if he remembered her name and David dryly replied: "Helen2, Gilly!"
OMG, I almost rolled on the floor laughing, so hilarious.
And Gilly nearly padded him on the shoulder for that joke but didn't dare to ;)
I also remember she asked him about shows the following year she heard rumours about, but I think he denied those.
Unfortunately David was quite late for the show so Erik kept pushing him to go inside. A real shame cause I'm sure he would have chatted with us even longer otherwise.
At least this time we were also able to attend the show. "Inte Bara Blix" it was.
Funnily I especially still kind of remember the warm-up act before to get the audience in the mood and 'applause' signs or such.
But of course there is a video of the show online :) I'll post the link below.
After the show we once more went to his hotel but this time he pretty much went inside without stopping but when he passed me by he carressed my shoulder and told me to "Travel safely". <3
And Erik told us "tomorrow again" or something like that. Lol...however did he know? ;)

We then went to our hostel boat and the next day we certainly did go to the hotel again.
And that morning I had one of the best meetings with David ever! <3
In front of the hotel it was us (Gilly, Bianca and me I think, not sure if Steffi has been with us too) and a few other fans/autograph hunters.
When David came out of the door he looked straight at me and exclaimed: "You're in the paper today!" I was very puzzled and confused and sorta looked around me to see who he might have been talking to. And he repeated: "You're in the paper today!"
Ok...he really meant me, wow!
He then signed some stuff for others and as it was the last time I'd see him that century I worked up my courage and asked him: "Can I give you a hug good-bye?"
He sweetly replied: "Oh, sure you can!"
And we hugged each other tight - and right before letting go once more, so it was sort of a double-hug, sigh <3 And he told me "Have a safe trip" and "Don't forget to buy the paper".
And just before he climbed into his limo he openend his The Strand bag and showed us the various papers he got "it's either in this one or that".
Then he went off...
And we obviously visited the next news agent. And true enough, there was me on a picture with him when he was signing the day before.
So even though I forgot so much I will always remember that December morning in Gothenburg <3

About one or two weeks later I met David as Sailor in the BowieNet chat for the first time. I excitedely chatted him up via PM - he didn't react to that, but in the main chat he suddenly asked "are you the famous Simone from the paper". Haha, yup, from then on he REALLY remembered me. :) <3


Inte Bara Blix:

LG Simone

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