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Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming
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Ricky Gervais-Extras

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Ricky G. über Bo... ;)

gruß, Z

Ricky Gervais-Extras

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Saucool, ich möchte auch penfriends become  :D

Ricky Gervais-Extras

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yes,  very nice :D

my job: rock god.
auch nicht schlecht..  :roll:

Ricky Gervais-Extras

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yes,  very nice :D

my job: rock god.
auch nicht schlecht..  :roll:

In der Sekunde wollte genau das schreiben. Rock god


Ricky Gervais-Extras

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Och menno..."The video has been removed by the user"

Hats jemand abgespeichert?? Habs leider bisher verpennt und noch nicht gesehen :(


Ricky Gervais-Extras

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gruß, Z :razz:

jetzt aber schnell saugen...!

Ricky Gervais-Extras

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Merci :D


Antw.: Ricky Gervais-Extras

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Kennt jemand SEONA DANCING?
Ich nicht.... zum Glück 😜

Dennoch interessant, was der Ricky so alles gemacht hat, bevor er comedian wurde (man beachte die hype "A-Flock-of-Seagulls"-Tolle 😉)


Not necessarily great synthpop/new wave but something to bring a smile...

RICKY GERVAIS in his previous incarnation as singer for synthpop duo SEONA DANCING performing the single 'More To Lose' on Razzmatazz in 1983.

Seona Dancing were a 1980s British new wave group, best known for providing comedian Ricky Gervais with his first experiences as a public performer. Although the band experienced little chart success, their single "More to Lose" went on to become a teen anthem in the Philippines.

While studying at University College London, Ricky Gervais and his friend Bill Macrae formed Seona Dancing,with Macrae writing the music and playing keyboards, and Gervais writing and singing the lyrics.

After recording a sixteen-song demo tape, they were signed by London Records which released two of their singles: "More to Lose" and "Bitter Heart".

In June 1983, the duo performed their single "More to Lose" on the ITV syndicated children's television show Razzmatazz. Yet, despite the promotion of "Bitter Heart" through its music video and "More to Lose" by its TV performance, both singles failed to break the Top 40, with "More to Lose" charting at number 117 and "Bitter Heart" at number 79 on the UK Singles Chart.

After the lacklustre performance of their two singles, the band split up in 1984.

Gervais went on to have a successful international career as a comedian and actor.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked about Macrae in a 2014 interview, Gervais said, "I hope he got fat, too."

Antw.: Ricky Gervais-Extras

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Ricky strikes again...  8)
Ricky Gervais @rickygervais

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Gruß, Z

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