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Nacho's videos - The Elephant Man (neu)

Der fleißige Nacho arbeitet an einer neuen 40-minütige Doku über "The Elephant Man".

Das Video ist uns ja bekannt. Bin gespannt auf den Rest 🤗💖⚡


David Bowie in New York 1980 • The Elephant Man, Scary Monsters & Other Strange People • Documentary Intro • 2020

This is the first one minute, of an approximately 40-minute documentary that presents an overview of the 6 months that David Bowie was in the U.S., starring in the stage play, The Elephant Man.

The film’s primary focus is on Bowie’s New York experience during that pivotal period. It also outlines the play itself and something of the real-life Elephant Man. Culled from over 50 sources, all known scenes of Bowie as The Elephant Man character are included, along with music, interview and other pertinent archive material.

David Bowie played the part of the Elephant Man from July 1980 to January 1981, in Bernard Pomerance's 1977 play of the same name. The play was based on the real-life eighteenth century character Joseph “John” Merrick. The play was directed by Jack Hofsiss, who recruited Bowie for the role.

It was Bowie’s first and only theatre role, and it was a critical and commercial success. He was widely praised for his part in the play, contorting his body and voice to convey the hideous deformities and the humanity of the unfortunate Merrick.

To commit so much time to The Elephant Man was an extraordinary decision for Bowie at that stage in his career. Performances were five or six nights a week, and two or three additional matinees per week. It seems incredible now that for “a person as grasshoppery as me”, as Bowie put it in an interview at the time, would undertake such a routine for almost six months. It effectively blocked him from traveling and music performance, and large scale promotion of his new album. Touring or even comprehensively planning and rehearsing for one would have been impossible.

Coming to a small screen near you soon!


Music by David Bowie:
It's No Game [No. 1] • Scary Monsters • 1980

Video Sources:
Friday Night, Saturday Morning • BBC • UK • 1980
Musik Szene • WDR • Germany • 1980

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