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The Paddingtons

Unbedingt mal reinhören, das Debütalbum is jetz ca. seit 2 Monaten raus!

"Some Old Girl" und "die erste Single "Sorry" sind schon klasse!!
Das Album kann man sich unter Music fast zur Gänze anhörn!


Hier könnt sich Bowie auch etwas abgeschaut haben wenn ich an seinen Auftritt bei Fashion Rocks denke!

Die Bilder hier sind von Auftitten der Band im Juni, man betrachte die geschminkten Augen und die Bandagen an den Handgelenken!

The Paddingtons? Who are they? A fearsome-fivesome from Hull have come out of the maelstrom and into the fire with their debut double A-side single and chart hit: 21 and Some Old Girl are now returning with their already classic hooligan bruiser and forthcoming single of ‘Panic Attack'. Their debut album is being handled by Owen Morris, legendary producer of Oasis' Definitely Maybe.

From touring with the riotous Babyshambles, to opening up for Har Mar Superstar, to having Bez from the Happy Mondays doing his cosmic dance during a Death Disco set or just doing their own thing of frenetic tour-tour-tour in their now legendary white van - swamping the country in a plague of noise and early PIL basslines. They want to do one thing. They are here to bring you the rock. No, not rock as in rock. BUT RAWK.

Their incendiary live shows have become stuff of legend. Alan McGee signed them straight after seeing them live. NME remarked in recent live review: "Lead singer, Tom Paddington is hypodermic-thin, his hair is over his face and he has a nasty sneer. It starts to feel claustophobic, then the drummer shouts, "123AREYOUGOINGTOBEMYGIRL" and the club explodes. These baby-faced speedfreaks leave you feeling like they've force-fed you all the anti-psychotics in your mother's cupboard and kicked you out of a car at five in the morning."

And in this day-and-age what is a poor rock'n'roll band to do? Some evil mothers will always be there, telling them that its all been done before: punk-rock-free-jazz-drone-folk-hip-hop-grime-house ... the list goes on-and-on. But what of reaction rock? With this band it is reaction-action-and then the Paddingtons.

There is no heart ache, no tentative wandering steps down the history of year-zerosim, no neuroticism of punk pop idols wondering how to rock and when. You see, the Paddingtons, just do. They are rock'n'roll. And in their songs there is nothing but thousand-mile-high-thrash of fuzzed-out rock. They play like imitations of teenage christs; whether it be Joey Ramone, The Saints, Pete Doherty, Sex Pistols. With the Paddingtons, the kings are gone and not forgotten. They are eulogised with their songs.

And so what? You may ask us?

The so what is this:

They crank up the adreneline and make the world their own for three minutes. The Paddingtons experience is a 1,000 mph riot of maxed out, sugar-coated electricity, delivered with wired intensity. Tom; vox, Grant; drums, Marv; guitarist, Josh; guitars and Lloyd; bassist welcome you to their world. The world of the Paddingtons.



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